Saturday, September 26, 2009

Piece1-"Coffee and a Paper" A post-consumer iPod case

 Ugh. So I finally finished this idea that I've had for a few weeks, but never had the initiative to start. It could use some trimming, but here's version 1.0. Basically, it is a newspaper case with a coffee sleeve in the back for padding. Pretty neato, I think.. No extra costs required.

  x New York Times
  x Packing tape
  x Starbucks cup
  x Einstein Bros. cup
  x Java City coffee sleeve

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

PieceƘ - Banzai Skateboards Shirt

Well, this isn't officially my first piece because I started it before I got the idea, but I'm itchin to fill up this space. So here it is, my Banzai Skateboards shirt. Banzai Skateboards was a skateboard company in the 70s that designed my current skateboard. It's an all-aluminum shortboard and it rides like a champ still after thirty years.

So I decided to make this shirt. Quite a larger undertaking than I usually attempt...which is why I shouldn't have been surprised when it came out kind of crappy. Lots of overspray, the sun stencil was defective in places... But, live and learn, right? I now have easy-tack to hold the stencils down and I'm going to try and make the move from spraypaint to fabric paints. Easier to control and less messy I hope.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Let the great experiment begin!

I'm going to start doing an art project (?) of sorts. I'm going to call it Piece A Week or PAW.

I was first inspired by Jonathon Coulton's "Thing A Week" experiment and Flickr's 365 Project. I'm going to try something similar. Lately, I have been pretty stagnant creatively, and I'm getting tired of it. School means nothing to me and i find myself wanting to do something else. So, I figure if I fulfill my craving to create, I should be able to get work done and be fulfilled.

So yeah, I'm gonna make something every week. Whatever it is, song, collage, jewelry, clothing, furniture, I will take a picture of it(if necessary) and put it on all my online accounts. If I start running out of space for these things in my room, I'll either give the stuff away or sell it somehow.

Hopefully I'll get my camera cable back before my first deadline. : / Otherwise, a written work it is! Thanks for taking the time to read this, whatever it is at the moment.