Saturday, October 10, 2009

Piece3 - Modding Clothes

This is not a sewing piece. Sorry. If I had a sewing machine and the knowledge to use one, I might actually make clothes rather than paint things on them, but alas.

For the past day and today, I have been making improvements on shirts that I've considered "completed." The thought to take before/after pictures didn't occur to me until after I had done the first two. : / But I'll try to explain the best I can.

Bomb the Music Industry! shirt - LeftBomb the Music Industry! shirt - FrontBomb the Music Industry! shirt - Right
Materials: Marks-A-Lot
Red Sharpie

This was a shirt I'd made a long time ago for the excellent ska/punk/ridiculous band, Bomb the Music Industry!. I added the dollar and cent signs today for the mod. The awesome thing about this band is, it's a donation-based band. They don't sell merch, and give away their albums for free. They ask for donations on their website, and recently made the pledge to make every show all ages and $10. But, if you bring a shirt to them at a show, they will spray it. Which brings me to my next item...

Bomb the Music Industry! show shirt - FrontBomb the Music Industry! show shirt - Back
Materials: Spraypaint
This is from the 2009 tour. Me and a friend went to the show and it was worth wayyyy more than $10. Then afterwords the bassist Sean(I think?) sprayed this shirt and I added the back "All Shows All Ages $10" today. Favorite quote from that night: "Why would you give me this shirt? This is a nice shirt and you want me to ruin it."

Blaspheme shirt - Before modBlaspheme shirt - After mod
Materials: Spraypaint
Stencil (semi-circle)
This is an actual before/after. The Xs came out like shit, but I really like how the drips came out.

I personally believe that making something new out of old clothes is something everyone can and should do. Coming back to a piece and evolving its statement is something that is special and enjoyable. Mixing the old and the new, the vintage with the modern ideas.

But what do I know. I'm just some schmuck with a spraypaint can.

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