Friday, October 23, 2009

Piece5 - Immortal Pumpkin

I'm not too into black metal, but whenever one of my friends introduces a band to me, I usually enjoy it. But I don't listen to it often enough to warrant a pumpkin decoration... I don't know what led to me painting this pumpkin like this, but I just thought that since it's Halloween soon, how much blacker and tr00er can you get? Also, I find Immortal hilarious sometimes. If you don't know why, just watch this video:

Anyways, here's my pumpkin.
 Immortal Pumpkin - Front
Immortal Pumpkin - Back

Pretty easy, just white spraypaint and black sharpie. Used a dull xacto to carve the words on the back. Immortal just came out with a new album after 7 years of nothing, called All Shall Fall. Supposedly it's pretty good.

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