Friday, October 2, 2009

Piece2 - Post-Consumerism (or trash-tech)

Every time I take out the trash, I wonder, "Have I really taken all the use out of the things I am discarding?"

Native Americans used to use all of the parts of the buffalo even after the primary use, the consumption of meat. So, when I come across a problem in my life or workspace, I attempt to solve it using post-consumerist methods, or trash-tech as I may start referring to it. Here are a few examples of things I've made that cost me no additional dollars other than the product itself.

First, the already posted, newspaper iPod case.

Made out of a coffee cup sleeve, newspaper, and logos from coffee cups as accents. It does have bulk, which isn't a problem, because I appreciate that in a device strangely enough.

A related item, is another use for coffee sleeves, a cable organizer . This organizer came from the problem of my power cable being pulled down on about a 45 degree angle. So I stapled each end to keep the cable in and tada! No risk of a fraying cable end.

This next item is actually an interpretation of a Lifehacker article, but made out of a Panda Express cup and stuck to the desk with double-sided tape. No real reason for Panda Express, just something that was hanging around.

Another cable organizer made out of an Airborne container. Probably more useful with smaller cords, but yeah.

Also, using paper towel tubes work as multi-cable organizers or single cable organizers.

This concludes my little exhibition of junk. Hope you get inspired. Or something. Actual Piece-A-Week should come tomorrow maybe? We'll see.

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