Monday, October 26, 2009

U2-YouTube Concert - A commentary or "One More Pun and Someone's Getting Kicked in the Head"

NOTE: I do not own the rights to this broadcast and the images are here as assistants to a work of art. No money is being made from this blog, this work, or any derivative of this work. Still, if you demand a take-down, I will comply.

tl;dr version: Great concert, very spacey. Goes from straight up concert to about midway where it becomes a political statement (not that I'm against that). The bass player likes glittery guitars. Bono takes his glasses off only once. The 360° set is an awesome idea. I'm surprised YouTube is able to to support the huge amount of users.

Complete commentary after the break.

# Begin
Okay... generic video quality. Not terrible, but not great.

*click* oh, apparently my bitrate is 1000 kbps and my bandwidth is 1851 kbps. That's nice to know.

!  Now a shot of the band's escalade pulling up and the fans are screaming like banshees. It's light out.(?) Beautiful day is playing, aaaaand back to the crowd.

Who the fuck brings a LED scrolling gadget to a concert. It reads "Hello U2 and U2ubers around the world."

Backstage look at sound checks and such from other stops on the tour

Shot of The Edge giving a promo. Oh I get it, they're trying to get with the whole U2-YouTube pun, when he says it will be broadcast on TV sets.

Ahh almost lost the feed. Too many people trying to connect. 20 mins. left.

More crowd panning. People taking cameraphone pictures at the panning camera...(?)

Behind the scenes. Patrick, the followspot operator for The Edge. Damn man, if you're not scared of heights anyone from the drama club lighting crew could do his job. But I guess someone has to. And I'm sure he gets paid mucho for it.

"hello there!" Um, God? *roadie comes out; looks like a stereotypical roadie*

"how bout the blackeyed peas?" Psh, the black eyed peas. "I am nobody and I represent nothing." Then put the mic down.

Interview in Paris about the 360 degrees idea. Pretty effing cool actually.

Ow my ears. Some tech didn't volume check the b-roll. A show of them in Dublin with Beautiful Day breaking my speakers.

I like the 360° stage layout. Reminds me of the theatre-in-the-round at my high school. Now, I hate stadium shows, because I assume it would be impersonal if you would be sitting, but to be in this uber-expensive "inner circle", that would be amazing.

Clip of Chicago. The Edge reflects on the show. Driving past the Art Institute!. Talking about setlists. Talking about keeping the beginning and the end, more or less the same, but the middle is up for grabs. I guess that's good; at least you're not bored in your own show.

Oh damn, 2:20 until showtime.

HOLY GAWDDDD. They're playing Time to Pretend by MGMT!!!! "I'm feelin rough I'm feelin raw, I'm in the prime my life..."

And then, Space Oddity by David Bowie. Oh snap. The band is walking towards the stage.

Edge has a pretty glittery shirt. Not that I hold that against him or anything. >.>

And they're walking...And walking... And the crowd is playing havoc with the mics... Whoah, there's a giant clock up on the graphics screen.

Aaaand Larry Mullen is the first to get on stage. Breathe is up first.

My bandwidth is now 2173 kbps. Aaaand I'm getting lag! Noooo...

Get Your Boots On! Damn that video screen is awesome.

And Bono almost headbutts the camera. And that giant platform is moving... And the edge ventures out and starts playing on the outer circle. Sweeet.

Aaaand bono acts like a marrionette as the song ends.

Magnificent is on now and bono is out on the catwalk until the midpoint of the song. At this point I realize the only people at center stage is Edge and Mullen.

And now Bono is making monkey noises? Or making love to himself. I thought only David Lee Roth and Robert Plant were allowed to do that. Oh. It's Mysterious Ways.

The first crowd command. The obligatory one arm hand wave.

Aaaand, Beautiful Day starts. Bono is sitting on the stairs. Singing is almost meloncholy until the chorus. Ohhh the bass is sparkly... I thought that look went out with the 50s and 60s. Huh.

So according to Bono, Black Eyed Peas = Xena the Warrior Princess + Grand Parliament Funkadelic.

Obligatory greetings to YouTube viewers.

Introducing the band(as if they need intros?)

Still Haven't Found What I'm For is on. Oh man I have to learn this bass riff. The entire crowd is singing the opening verse. Into Stand By Me? I'll go with it.

Edge bustin out the acoustic guitar. Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of comes on. Bono walking the circle to this song is quite dramatic.

Again with the glittery bass guitar. No Line on the Horizon now.

It's official, U2 loves to get up. Elevation is on now. Bassist switched to the glittery gold again. This song makes me want to go flying.

Then Bono proceeds to do unspeakable things to the mic for about 10 seconds before going into "For A Little While"

Whoah. Now Frank De Winne from the ISS just appeared on the video screen at the end. Sweet...

Unknown Caller is on now. And organ by a strange man.

Whats with the snowglobe? I'll go with it...

Until the End of the World starts... And Bono just stared The Edge down like a disappointed wife.
Again with the purple bass? Come on bro. Aaaand Bono is doing immoral things to the railing. Song ends and Bono and Edge try to reach each other. How cute.

Whoah, that video screen is intoxicating.
Oh damnit, I just spaced out and didn't catch that song. Oh well. EDIT: This song was The Unforgettable Fire. Retrieved from: The Spaghetti Incident.

Funny tweet spotted: "Is there a setting to turn off the vocals?"

Aaand at the start of City of Blinding Lights, Bono decides to take a run. Oh! And the glasses come off.

Uno Dos Tres Catorce!!!! VERTIGO. Indeed Bono. "Viva Mexico!" Rolling Stones improv, "I know it's only rock n roll but I like it! YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!" End. Nice.

Fabulous dance partyyy! Oh, I mean I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight remix. Bongo beats! Oh yeah nice insert of Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Political message to Tehran, Iran. Aaaand Bono just wiped his face with the American flag. And into Sunday Bloody Sunday with the whole stage drenched in green, presumably for Iran.

Shout out to Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese pro-democracy leader.

Walk On starts. A ring of activists with Suu Kyi faces on sticks. A little creepy, but they have good intentions.

Aaand, intermission. Sweet.

And some dude is up on the screen talking about the progress made to help with aids and then ends with, "If we work as ONE" Oh, I see what you did there.

And now amazing grace? I dig it. Oh, then transitions to Where the Streets Have No Name. Oh my god, I wish I could be there right now. What a song... Another jog by Bono.

They're heading offstage which means they're going to chill until the encore. I hope. Ohhh galactic video on the screen...

And now something that sounds like a cross between Smeagol, Alvin from the Chipmunks, and HAL-9000 is rambling. Strange.

Whoah... "Ultraviolet is playing and Bono is wearing a bitchin LED (or laser?) coat and has a crazy circular microphone. Sweeeet. The Hack A Day people should be on this by now...

With or Without You... Oh my dear... I just realized this means, only Bullet the Blue Sky and I Will Follow are songs I want to hear still. Aaand he just flung the mic and it almost hit a cymbal. Farewell cool jacket and cool microphone! 

And about 1000 thank-yous later, he tells everyone to take their fones out. And good god it's beautiful. Into Moment of Surrender.

And this better not be the end. I need to hear those two songs damnit. You better get back up on this stage. Yeah? No? Oh, okay. That's cool. Just leave me then. I don't care. Just don't play your greatest song, that's all good. Damnit. But at least they have Elton John transition music. Rocketmaaaaaan...

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