Sunday, October 25, 2009

Un3ek Sy5tem

I found out recently through College Times and Java, that there is a native american design company based out of Chandler, Arizona that does some really interesting stuff. And yesterday at the Roy Track Memorial in Mesa I got to see them and their wares, but unfortunately forgot my camera and money for a shirt. : [

They combine native-american elements with some hip-hop and graffiti culture into their pieces. Among their pieces is a Stormtrooper adorned with tribal facepaint and in a native outfit, and a vector of a Mohawk Indian. The latter is simple, but used in many ways, much as the OBEY Giant stencil is used (and over-used). Their stuff is so inspiring to me and anyone else venturing into clothing design.

You can catch them at their website, MySpace, or Facebook.

Note: You can buy some things on their website, but they have much more stuff with them as they make appearances around the valley. It's cheaper too.

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