Saturday, November 21, 2009

Piece9 - Halo Party shirt

A big part of my high school years were spent in many basements playing hours of video games and drinking gallons of Dr. Pepper. This shirt started out oh, probably around sophomore year. It started out as just a plain shirt with a skull on it, then over time it became this insane mess of stuff.
Piece9 - Halo Party shirt (Front)
ank0ku was my original alias for gaming and it means darkness in Japanese. Yeah, I know, lame teenage angst, but I thought it was cool at the time. Then, the saying below that, "ph34r no gib" is from the excellent webcomic, MegaTokyo.
Piece9 - Halo Party shirt (Back)
Ummm... yeah, me and one of my friends wanted to start up a clan one day while playing the Halo demo. So we did and the top was our website. It's still up(at the time of this post). And good christ it sucks. XD No sense of direction, 90s era web design, oh, it's bad. But it was ours. And I love it still. Below that is a graphical list of games I play(ed). Oh and those wondering, the "You Got Clapped!" is a reference to my current alias, The Clap. Yeah. More descriptions on the individual Flickr pages.

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