Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seriously Addicted to Addicted

I finally got Devin Townsend's Addicted pre-order package in the mail(complete with signed booklet! I'm #1761!), and I had my first listen broken up because I was listening to it on my laptop as I was running around doing errands with my grandparents. : / But I went back through tonight and here's what I got.

Well, I'm still getting used to reviewing things, so here goes, by tracks:

  1. Addicted! - Awesome title track that will have you headbanging rhythmically
  2. Universe in a Ball! - Hard, heavy song just like Addicted! that will have you yelling and fist-pumping.
  3. Bend It Like Bender! - Straight up dance track that will have you, uh, dancing.
  4. Supercrush! -Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering) and Devin trade off vocal duties on this song. It's pretty amazing.
  5. Hyperdrive! - Anneke's vocals drive this track and the pace of the song reminds me of anime themes (it's a good thing)
  6. Resolve! -Another vocal harmonizing song. ("The ocean returns to the seaaaaaaaa!")
  7. Ih-Ah! - Meloncholy pop song with simple guitar and piano parts. Guitar and piano switch off riffs
  8. The Way Home! - Fast-paced song that I want to run to. And will listen to when I go home for winter break
  9. Numbered! - A song that sounds like desperation (it's a good thing). A bit of the ending riff in Ki, here.
  10. Awake! - Uses the beginning lyrics and riffs from Addicted!, longer length, more melodic singing, and a bit different structure. ("GET UP AND DECONSTRUCT!")

Overall it's a bit like Synchestra in that it is a transition album. Going from Ki's mellow clean sound, to a more Strapping Young Lad feel. Though, to be honest this isn't anywhere near SYL, but I had to compare it to something. The next album, Deconstruction, will be more along the lines of that and maybe even heavier(?!),  according to Devy. And I cannot wait for that.

You can find Devin Townsend and his hilarious/geekiness/quirkiness on:

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