Sunday, December 6, 2009

Piece11-The End

So, as I scale the summit of finals week and imagine the glory of freedom from this place, I've realized that I accomplished what I set out to do with this little Piece-A-Week thing. I retained my sanity, realized that the only thing substantial is what we create, and intend to find a major that suits that philosophy.

Nothing matters but what we create in this world and with that, I'm discontinuing this project. I'll still do things and post things but they may or may not be as scheduled. It's been fun and as I pack up all my supplies to move out of this desert valley and into the frozen tundra of Illinois, I'll reminisce and pray that this feeling of optimistic creativity never flees.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Diversity - A dump of my RSS feeds

On my Firefox bookmark toolbar i have a lot of RSS feeds. And as finals week approaches, the fight between studying and wandering on my favorite sites is intensifying. I know that next week is gonna be heavyyy, so I'm not gonna be able to follow my sites. :( Well here's all my RSS feeds that I have bookmarked:
  • Slashdot - If you like technology news, this is the place to go. The comments are probably the best part of the site.
  • Lifehacker - A recent trend that has been formed is lifehacking, or improving your efficiency and productivity, and this site is at the forefront.
  • HakCollege - They don't update that often, their posts are usually reposts from Lifehacker, and the quality of posts have gone down recently. : / Thinkin of deleting this one.
  • HiR - Stumbled onto this page somehow and I enjoy it. It's a blog about information security, hacking, and the like. Doesn't update often, but the posts are really enjoyable.
  • MetalSucks - Kickass metal blog. Some of the most negative commenters, and the posts are pretty hilarious. Excellent site.
  • Hack A Day - Awesome hacking blog. Updates frequently, interesting stuff most of the time.
  • Steve Smancel - This is my friend's Tumblr blog that he hasn't updated in forever. But whatever. He usually posts songs and such.
  • Autumnfalls - Another friend's blog. Photography, DIY clothing, good stuff.
  • Sartorialist - A photographer who takes pictures of fashions on the streets of New York, Milan, and Paris.
  • Style Rookie - This blog is so great. This 13 year old fashion blogger posts some pretty cool stuff, and the way she writes is enjoyable. It's fun, awkward, and sometimes spastic. Very good.
  • Fashionising - Again, one I don't really frequent. Mostly because there's too much content, and too little I'm interested in. Oh and it seems like every day there's a new picture of Rihanna's tit. Yawn. But they do showcase new trends, so I'll keep it around for a while.
  • Style Bubble - Another blog I haven't looked at in a while. A London fashion blogger; pretty good stuff when I do look.
  • - I don't know why i have this bookmarked. I never look at it and I could give a damn about iTunesLP. Hmmm... *delete*
  • Killer HB - Killer Hollywood Bananas. A friend's site. Hasn't been updated in a while though. : /
  • TC - Totally Crap. A comedy/raunchy site. Worth some laughs sometimes. Other times it's the aforementioned Rihanna boob. -_-
  • YankoDesign - Design website. Pretty awesome stuff on here.
  • Outsapop - Another fashion blog. Oh excuse me trashion as the Finnish blogger says. Kickass DIY stuff along with some orthodox fashions. A recent discovery, and veryyyy cool.