Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iFor one welcome our new gadget overlords.

Oh it's Apple event time once again. And everyone is excited for the "iPad".

I just have a few comments:
- Why the silly name? Yes I understand it's like a notepad. And maybe you want to stay with the "iP" prefix as with your previous entries into the portable market. And maybe it's just a freak like me who connected the dots between the leaks about this device and the double-meaning of the title "iPad". But still, I think iTablet, iSlate, or even iSlab for God's sake would have been better. As usual with lame MadTV episodes, they found their way to this name years ago.

- With this new addition to Apple's product line it feels like this is the beginning of the grey goo scenario or more likely, a highly polished combination of black, white, off-white, and aluminum goo. Still don't think it'll be a "netbook killer" though.

- Holy crap that dock looks good. It's right out of the sci-fi aesthetic. Excitementtt.

- Comic book creators: get on this now. I expect The Walking Dead to be on here as soon as possible. And maybe The Boys too. If Apple doesn't censor both first.

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