Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adults!!!: A Review

Apparently I've been dozing, because Bomb the Music Industry! released a new EP 10 days ago and I was totally unawares! But now after listening to "ADULTS!!!: SMART!!! SHITHAMMERED!!! AND EXCITED BY NOTHING!!!!!!!", I am so very excited for BTMI! to come around to Chicago again.

Overall, awesome. Excellent production, a large variety of instruments, and parts so perfectly done thaty I do a double-take after I remind myself that this was all done without a "real" studio. Best song is probably either The First Time I Met Sanawon, All Ages Shows, or Struggler. Damnit, every song on here is good. The track Big Ending is a short synth interlude to "First Time" and it matches more perfectly than the interlude of Wednesday Night Drinkball into 25! on Scrambles!. "First Time" feels like it has a Streetlight Manifesto vibe with its vocal-focused structure and prominent horn section. Struggler is an amazing closing song that builds and builds into probably the biggest production I've heard from this band. All Ages Shows is an awesome song about Jeff and the band in general. Just a simple slow punk rock song(?).

Fantastic. Or, more like funtastic!!!

The entire album is available for download here, at Quote Unquote Records.

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