Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If you knew what I know...

My friend committed suicide last week and it's brought me to think about more than a few things. One of these is that I wish he would have known what I know and what I suspect others know: Everything will get better.

The Beatles knew what they were talking about when they said "it's getting better, a little better, all the time." It also reminds me of something I try to keep in my mind especially during horrible times, "Once you've reached the bottom, there's nowhere to go, but up."

Happiness cannot exist without suffering, otherwise, how would you know you were happy?

Everything has its opposite. There is no light without dark, there is no back without a front, no happiness without sadness. No life without death. I cannot stress this enough. Once you understand this concept, you won't think about things the same way.

Change is sometimes necessary, sometimes painful, but always an adventure.

Only you can decide how you feel.

Regret is the act of blaming yourself for previous actions based on what and who you are currently. And it is false.

Connection is what can truly make us happy. Friendship, Love, and the general group experience are enjoyable for us. This is also why we seek solitude, because in discovering ourselves, we discover everything else.

To be honest, I've only stumbled upon these conclusions in the past two years, but oh how different life feels. To know that you can change everything, and that everything is changing you and round and round. It's grand.

Which leads me to my big dramatic statement about death. Some may think it an inappropriate time to talk about such things, but I cannot think of a more suitable moment.

Everything is breaking down, so don't hang on. Enjoy it all, but don't cling thinking it will save you. This isn't a bad thing, in fact, letting go is necessary to getting ahold of the essence of life. Nothing can save us from eventual death. That's the grand, driving force.

Alan Watts on the subject:

Now, I might be totally wrong about everything I've just written, but it feels right to me, and it feels like it makes sense. Anyway, enjoy life. It's all we know. Lean on each other, tell people what you mean and what you feel. That is all... for now.

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