Friday, May 28, 2010

Documentary Binge: Part 1: Illegal... but why?

I've been on a documentary spree on Hulu recently. So far, I have watched Pirate Radio USA, Steal This Film, and am in the process of watching Steal This Film 2.

The first documentary, Pirate Radio USA, is about the state of pirate radio in the United States. It has a funny and clever style in it's presentation and the narrators are amusing. It outlines the unfairness in the FCC's policy about low power stations and the idea of licensing in general. I found that the new qualification of LPFM (Low-Power FM) has not had a window of application open since 2003. This is sad to me. I mean, I think it would be awesome to have a small radio station just catering to your town or neighboring cities. There is a serious lack of interesting and authentic content on the airwaves, and so much so that I have only recently turned back to it after about 2-3 years of abandoning it. And all throughout, the underground is still working hard to bring it back...

Steal This Film covers piracy of movies and music, but focuses on movies and The Pirate Bay in specific. While this is like preaching to the choir for me, I found the comparisons between the emergence of the printing press and BitTorrent's creation of the ease of access to virtually any kind of media imaginable to be incredibly interesting. I realize what's going on in the media landscape. It's changing rapidly towards everyone sharing everything. And I can't wait to see what is next.

I shall review Steal This Film 2 once I finish it.

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