Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June Wishlist

1.) Nomadic State - Mountain Moma: $26.50 [link]

2.) Chinese Mountain Troop Goggles: $12.95 [link]

3.) Ballerina Hookah, Ruby: $89.50 [link]

4.) D'Addario EXL280 XL Piccolo bass strings: $14.99 [link]

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Documentary Binge - Part 2: Cannabis

Onward! I have developed an interest in the drug culture as of late. I don't use any illegal substances, but I think that the culture and the things people go through enjoying and producing them are absolutely fascinating. Recently, I've watched three documentaries on marijuana,  Marijuana Inc., Standing Silent Nation, and The Green Rush. Along with the article about the Emerald Triangle in Rolling Stone a few issues ago, these opened my eyes to the many aspects of marijuana and it's production and prohibition.

The Green Rush

I watched The Green Rush and it was very interesting. It's inspiring to see the American Dream exemplified in this story of marijuana growers in North California. These farmers go through the same experiences that "legitimate" farmers go through, and more. They have to deal with the federal government and the DEA of course, but that's in addition to the usual destructive insects, animals, irrigation design and thieves. The documentary is incredibly insightful and these farmers stand as a stark counter-point to the selfish "smash-and-grab" tactics of other growers who grow about 5,000 plants of marijuana and then get busted by the feds because they have essentially grown a vineyard of weed. I don't want to give the ending away, but it's truly a shocker. I highly (excuse the pun) recommend this documentary.

These are sustainable farmers who grow what they can maintain and live on. Quite a different character from the greedy drug creators that we are taught to hate.