Thursday, July 8, 2010

Creative Dump May-July

My camera has recently died. And in the meantime I've been doing quite a few shirts, but haven't had the time to upload them. Until today.

NIИ sleeveless (Front)

NIИ sleeveless (Back)

I've recently been enjoy the Nine Inch Nails discography which inspired me to do this shirt with the stencil provided by Trent on the alternate reality game website, Art is Resistance. The game was for the last major commercial release, Year Zero and I'm pretty bummed I missed out on it.

So, I've become disenchanted with Shepard Fairey, creator of the Obey Giant iconography and most recently, the Obama campaign's Hope image. It is that image that shows how blindly optimistic a large portion of the population was in the build up to election day. We had just gotten out of an abusive relationship, so why should I think that one man would completely fix everything? Then, he goes and tries to destroy evidence when Associated Press sues him for using a copyrighted image and won't come clean to what picture he actually modified to produce the image. So that's why I added these red stripes across this 3 year old shirt; to show my distaste for the direction he is heading. "OBEY Propoganda"? It's not as satirical as it used to be.

So one day, I was really frustrated, and I decided to just fuck up a shirt. So this is the result. It was trying to write "Skate or Die", but then realized it didn't fit, so I just fucked it all up except for the back, which I oversprayed a bunch of leaves and sticks, and came out pretty nifty actually.

Yet another chaotic shirt, but I'm alot happier with this one. I made it simply by folding the shirt randomly and then spraypainting over the folds and the rest of the shirt.

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